Shannon Baskerville, Partners In Care

Until recently, Shannon worked as Project Manager for a computer company. Inspired by her faith and her desire to serve others, she made the choice to move on from that successful career and explore other opportunities. Soon she was volunteering with Partners In Care, providing transportation to older adults. Shannon felt a strong connection to the people she served, and to the mission of Partners In Care. She observes, “During short conversations on the drive to appointments, I would stumble across opportunities to further assist or advocate in other ways. It simply warmed my heart to offer help, and they greatly appreciated it.”

When the opportunity to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator presented itself, Shannon saw it as a step in the right direction. During the service year, Shannon hopes to help Partners In Care expand its capacity to serve older adults in Frederick County. In the long-run, she sees herself continuing to do similar work. She explains, “I have found my joy with serving senior citizens in a non-medical way. So ultimately; when I have fulfilled my role as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, I will continue on this path to help senior citizens.”


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