Ellen Sangiamo, Shepherd’s Clinic and Joy Wellness Center

When describing her motivation for serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Shepherd’s Clinic and Joy Wellness Center, Ellen goes back to what inspired her to volunteer there in the first place. She explains, “Prior to volunteering at Shepherd’s Clinic, I had developed a keen interest and strong opinions with regard to medicine. What constitutes quality health care and why it is so difficult to access? I was initially drawn to Shepherd’s Clinic by its mission to provide quality health care to people who are unable to afford it. When I learned that the clinic has a wellness center that offers alternative medicine such as acupuncture and offers classes in yoga and meditation, exercise and nutrition, in addition to routine and specialty medical care, I was hooked.  The fact that the clinic is almost entirely volunteer-driven was the icing on the cake.  I knew that I had to be a part of it.”

Transitioning from volunteer to Volunteer Maryland Coordinator is exciting to Ellen, who recognizes that “having quality volunteers who understand the need and importance of what they are doing in the community is critical to the clinic’s mission of providing quality healthcare to the unique group that it serves.”

Ellen looks forward to playing a role in recruiting and supporting these volunteers, and she is also eager to learn, both at Shepherd’s Clinic and from Volunteer Maryland, saying, “I am thankful for and already highly value the peer network I have with the other VMCs, and I look forward to all that I will learn about other nonprofits in Baltimore and volunteer coordination more broadly.”


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