Briana Cragwell, Seeds 4 Success

A self-described Army brat, Briana Cragwell is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte, where she received a degree in Communications. Throughout her college years, Briana was active in the Black Student Union, serving on its Executive Board and planning events, including the annual Black Shadows day, when high school students could visit campus and learn about the college experience.

Briana also served as a Girl Scout Troop Leader during her college years, and she knew she wanted to continue helping others after she graduated. When she learned about the opportunity to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Seeds 4 Success, she went for it. At Seed 4 Success, Briana is coordinating tutors and mentors for school-aged boys and girls in Annapolis. When talking about her passion for this work, Briana says, “I understand the value of a mentor, so I want to encourage others to be a positive influence on impressionable minds.”


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