Adrienne, Health Care for the Homeless


Adrienne is a communicator, a cooperator, and a problem solver. These traits, according to Adrienne, are what drew her to the mission of Health Care for the Homeless, where she will be serving as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. Health Care for the Homeless is committed to ending homelessness, which is a goal Adrienne is excited to work towards.

Adrienne will be working with the Help Desk program at Health Care for the Homeless, which, as Adrienne describes it, is “an easily accessible portal to connect clients to already existing community resources.” She has already gotten to work creating materials and building relationships through this position, both with fellow professionals and non-profit organizations in Baltimore City.

When she’s not working to end homelessness, Adrienne enjoys spending time her animals, a two-year-old tabby cat named Aaron and four-year-old Maltese, as well as cooking vegan meals. “I’m a vegan and have multiple food allergies, so I make most of my own food from scratch,” shares Adrienne. “While I was initially sad at the thought that I’d never have a bagel and cream cheese again, finding out about having food allergies has actually been a really positive thing because it brought about my love of cooking.” She also loves traveling, nature walks, and connecting with her family and friends. Ultimately, Adrienne hopes to work with a mission driven service-oriented non profit or with social entrepreneurs.



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