Sydney Gross, Carroll County Health Department/ Caring Carroll

hr-1287-013-420--1287013420006Meet distance-runner, thrill seeker, and compassionate friend, Sydney Gross. Sydney loves saying “yes” to adventures, so when Volunteer Maryland offered her the opportunity to serve as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at the Carroll County Health Department, she naturally accepted. Sydney says that she is “accepting this challenge from Volunteer Maryland,” but also on a more personal level, “from myself unto myself.”

Sydney will be working with Caring Carroll through the Carroll County Health Department, a program which supports the aging population of Carroll County in a variety of ways. Sydney tells us that she is “convinced that moving forward and doing work concerning change is the best way to make a difference.” Although many of these experiences may be new to her, Sydney is excited for this experience and sees it as a chance for growth.

Throughout this year Sydney says she hopes to gain “good experience” and “a sense of direction” for her career path and potential academic pursuits. She is eager to learn and grow throughout the year, and is “motivated by the idea that there is an essential glue holding together all of our outwardly understood qualities and characteristics, which accounts for more worth than any of them on their own.” Sydney also plans to cross Maryland off her list of states in which to run a half-marathon, leaving only 40 to go!



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