Jazmine Gibson, Talbot Mentors

Jazmine discovered her passion for volunteering when she was in high school. “I graduated with 700 plus service hours when the requirement was only 75,” she explains. Jazmine was able to channel that love of service into her first AmeriCorps service year, when she was placed with Talbot Mentors through ShoreCorps/PALS.

When Talbot Mentors Executive Director Natalie Costanzo learned about Volunteer Maryland, she quickly seized on the opportunity to partner with Volunteer Maryland and ask Jazmine to serve a second year with AmeriCorps, this time as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator.

The mission of Talbot Mentors is to work to ensure that all young people in Talbot County have the opportunity to mature into engaged and productive members of their communities. To this end, their volunteers serve as mentors to young people in the community. Jazmine is in an excellent position to recruit such volunteers, because she was mentored herself.

As she recruits volunteers and further develops the volunteer program, Jazmine will be thinking about her long-term goals. “I hope to gain management skills so that I can apply them to having my own business,” she shares. “I also want to learn the ins and outs of nonprofit work, and truly understand the impact that one individual can make.”



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