Nicolletta Kakaris, Living Classrooms Foundation


After completing a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, Niki hoped to spend a year prior to medical school focused on service. Specifically, she wanted to serve in Baltimore City, which she has called home for her entire life. As Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Living Classrooms Foundation, Niki sees an opportunity to be part of an organization that as she puts it, “is invaluable to the revitalization of the city.”

This year, Niki will be recruiting Math Tutors, STEM Mentors, Teen Program Mentors and volunteers who assist with school-day programming at the Living Classrooms Community Center. As she does so, she’s “hoping to leave a lasting impression on a great organization, so that it continues to improve the lives of the community members it serves.” And what does Niki hope to get in return?  “I’m hoping to take everything I learn from this experience into my future service endeavors,” she says, “in medical school and beyond.”



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