Jennifer Hizer, Deep Roots


A Virginia Tech grad with a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Recreation Management, Jennifer’s previous work includes providing energy efficiency assessments and interning with the US Forest Service. Jennifer initially saw AmeriCorps as a way to further engage in environmental stewardship, but when she learned about Deep Roots, she was eager to serve. A nonprofit in Earleville, Deep Roots works with children who are disconnected through homelessness or other similar marginalization. “Deep Roots won me over with their mission,” she shares, “and as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, I am looking forward to collaborating with their Board and staff to strengthen their volunteer program.”

Jennifer will maintain her connection to nature and animals thanks to her home menagerie, which includes a dog, a cat, two fish tanks, two leopard geckos, and potential leopard gecko babies on the way. As she manages this growing brood at home, Jennifer looks forward to building workplace management skills throughout her service year. When reflecting on her goals for the year, she shares, “This overall experience will give me the insight and confidence to pursue my long-term goal of working in park management.”


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