Yasmine Eleazar, Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office Truancy Prevention Program

“I decided to do another year of service with Volunteer Maryland because one year just isn’t enough. I have started with something I just can’t stop now,” Yasmine explained about her desire to serve a second year as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with The Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office Truancy Prevention Program, which provides early intervention to improve attendance among participants at 10 Montgomery County middle schools.

For second-year Volunteer Maryland Coordinators such as Yasmine, now is a time to work toward new, ambitious goals. “Another year with the Truancy Prevention Program allows me to further assess the newly developed volunteer program, increase volunteer capacity and make sure it is strong enough and sustainable.”

Beyond her specific volunteer program goals, Yasmine sees service with Volunteer Maryland as a way to follow her chosen path. “I find joy in connecting with people and seeing the power of community. Volunteer Maryland set me off to a good start. I learned so much about myself, my community, and that while there are so many problems to solve out there, there are likewise many good people willing to work together to solve these problems.”


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