Oluwabusola “Yinka” Gardiner, Clifton Park Baptist Church Christian Academy


A lifelong learner, Yinka is currently working toward her third master’s degree, having already received a bachelor’s degree from UMBC and master’s degrees from New York University and Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.

In light of this, it seems more than fitting that a student of Yinka’s stature is serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Clifton Park Baptist Church Christian Academy. The Academy provides innovative academic enrichment, leadership development and recreational programs to underserved elementary, middle and high schools students.  As Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Yinka will support the academic enrichment programs buy recruiting and managing instructors, tutors and other volunteers.

About her decision to serve, Yinka shares, “I understood the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position to be an opportunity to further my outreach to the youth in our community. The Academy is seeking more adult and college-age volunteers to contribute their expertise in developing a wide range of courses offered at the Academy. That will provide a great amount of exposure for the young people.”

Throughout the year, Yinka hopes to sharpen a few professional skills, including public speaking, reporting, recruiting, interviewing, and giving orientations. “I also look forward to gaining new skills in volunteer program development and volunteer management,” she adds.

To sum it up, Yinka observes, “I believe doing well as a VMC fits into the overall fabric of my passion for service and volunteering. And career-wise, I’m looking forward to all the pieces coming together. I’m on the right track.”


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