Kylie McBride, Education Based Latino Outreach (EBLO)


A recent Gettysburg College graduate, Kylie relocated to Baltimore just over a year ago and was eager to begin her career there. While earning a B.A. in Environmental Studies, Kylie says she “developed a strong interest in social justice and desire to lend my time and efforts to the community in hopes that even the smallest positive impact will be made.”

Kylie is serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Education Based Latino Outreach (EBLO), a Baltimore nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of Hispanic youth and their families through educational opportunities and cultural programs.

Through service, Kylie believes she will get as much as she gives, saying “I believe that the skills I will develop this year will have a positive impact on the way that I view myself in a professional sense. In other words, I will have more confidence in my ability to endure through a tough situation, solve problems, and work with different groups of people to make change. I believe that all of this fits into my larger plan of making a positive difference in our world, either small or large, during my lifetime.”



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