Milena Benitez, Maryland CASH Campaign


Milena, a recent graduate of Loyola University Maryland, lists her parents among her greatest role models. “They came to this country in 1990 with absolutely nothing and have been able to make a life for themselves and their family. They really are my heroes.”

About her decision to serve with Volunteer Maryland and Maryland CASH Campaign, Milena shares, “Loyola and my parents are two of the biggest reasons why I am doing a term of service. As a Jesuit university, Loyola instilled in its students the importance of giving back. Also, my parents always remind me of the importance of service and giving back to those who are less fortunate. They were able to come out ahead because of the selflessness of other people who were there to help them. I knew that I wanted to do some type of service, so I began looking at different service programs. The Peace Corps and AmeriCorps were the two main programs I looked at during my last year at Loyola. Once I found the Maryland CASH Campaign listing I knew it would be an unmatched chance to serve as well as gain unique skills and connections.”

When Milena talks about gaining skills and connections, she has a lot in mind. “There are so many things I hope to gain from this year of service,” Milena explains. “Recruitment of volunteers is one of the biggest skills I look to gain from this experience. Another skill is building partnerships and networking. A long-term goal of mine is to someday be doing some legislative work, and I think this experience will help me in creating connections that may help me make this dream a reality in the future.”


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