Heather Veale, Howard County Conservancy


Howard County Conservancy Volunteer Maryland Coordinator Heather Veale recently graduated from Towson University with a double major in Deaf Studies and English. Heather describes herself as “passionate about social justice, civic engagement, and leadership development, processes that I feel are always developing and shaping my generation.”

Heather’s commitment to these ideals, along with her passion for environmental stewardship, drew her to Howard County Conservancy. She explains, “I am so excited for this opportunity to connect with others, experience the beauty of the natural world, and feel like I am making a positive difference in the lives of those around me. The natural world is so quickly disappearing around us, and I think dedicating time to educating society, preserving the legacy of land, and modeling environmental stewardship is incredibly needed.”

After her year of service, Heather plans to attend graduate school, focusing on higher education student affairs. In the meantime, Heather says, “I am hoping to gain skills in recruitment, management, and retention, as well as learning about program health. These are transferable skills, I believe, that can apply to any long-term goal for my future.”


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