Julie Lasheski, Hospice Caring


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and Film and Mass Communications at Towson University, Julie looked for an opportunity, as she says, “to use my skills and knowledge to directly benefit the community around me in a way that I can actually see, not just through a computer screen or by a number on a piece of paper.”

This desire drew Julie to the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position at Hospice Caring, a nonprofit that provides caring, compassionate, practical and high-quality, non-medical support services, without charge, to Montgomery County adults and children facing a life-threatening illness or grieving the death of a loved one.  About her service with Hospice Caring, Julie says, “I am a VMC in order to recruit passionate volunteers who will directly impact and change another person’s life for the better.”

Julie shares that as she serves, “I aim to gain successful recruitment, leadership and interpersonal skills, which are imperative for a job in any field that I wish to eventually progress into.” Most importantly, Julie explains, “I know that I will come out of this experience as a stronger individual. These skills and experiences I will gain from being an AmeriCorps member are extremely valuable to me as a person outside of a work environment, as well. I want to inspire my friends and family to pursue a similar field or even volunteer themselves. I want to grow and become a more compassionate and caring individual toward the people I interact with and the greater community around me.”


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