Samelia Pyuzza, Seeds 4 Success


Sam holds a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from Howard University, and she has always loved science. She observes, “My doctoral training was very long and arduous and I always felt that, while I have skills that serve me well in a laboratory environment, I also have a great number of skills that were not supported or developed. I began to realize that I wanted to have a greater feeling of satisfaction and meaning in my career.”

Sam learned about Volunteer Maryland when she met VM28 Peer Leaders Chelsea and Amelia at a career fair. “They really sold me on the experience. I submitted my application and haven’t looked back since.” 

“Given my background, my long term goals are to participate in research and programming that support equity in both health and education,” Sam explains. Because of this, she chose to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Seeds 4 Success, a nonprofit that guides children living in Annapolis public and subsidized housing so they become healthy, successful adults.

About her goals for the year, Sam shares, “I’m looking forward to gaining more experience in management and coordination. I hope to improve my indirect and direct communication skills, and I hope to meet all of my organization’s goals for me, assisting them in building a sustainable program that is successful for many years to come.”


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