Maggie Straub, Crossroads Community, Inc.


Maggie, a recent Virginia Military Institute grad, remembers when she fell in love with service, saying, “My interest in service started when I volunteered as a 4-H camp counselor throughout my high school years. I loved working with the kids. Serving as a counselor sparked my interest in the 4-H association as a whole, and I joined a club called Teens In Action, which revolved around volunteer service. Through my participation as a volunteer counselor and in this club, I gave over 1,000 hours of service throughout my high school years.”

With this background, Maggie was immediately drawn to Volunteer Maryland. “The second I heard about Volunteer Maryland,” she explains, “I knew this was something I wanted to do. Coming out of college I wasn’t sure of my path or how to get my foot in the world of service and nonprofits, but I saw that Volunteer Maryland would give me the chance to learn while applying my new knowledge in real time throughout the year.”

“The biggest thing I want to gain from this year of service is how to manage volunteers who have different personalities and backgrounds while believing in the mission of Crossroads Community,” a nonprofit that empower individuals with behavioral health needs to live satisfying and productive lives. “I really want to take this learning experience and apply it to my next step in life, hopefully in the nonprofit sector.”


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