Kaity Breidenbach, Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County


Kaity remembers the exact moment when she new the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position was her for, explaining, “When Molly Hilligoss, the Executive Director with Habitat For Humanity of Wicomico County, told me there was an AmeriCorps position that involved recruiting volunteers, I knew I should apply.”

She further explains that when she interviewed, “Molly gave me a brief overview of Wicomico Habitat. She was very passionate about the organization and so knowledgeable.  I could immediately tell this would be a great opportunity.”

Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry that builds and then sells homes to low-income families who would never otherwise be able to achieve the dream of home ownership. Kaity will recruit volunteers who will help with construction of Habitat houses.  

In terms of professional development, Kaity is clear about her goals for the year, saying, “While doing this service year with Habitat For Humanity of Wicomico County, I hope to improve my time management skills. I also look forward to revamping my computer/Microsoft/web skills.”


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