Chigo Oguh, Dundalk Renaissance Corporation


After completing two years of study toward a PharmD degree at the University of Maryland, Temple University graduate Chigo decided to press pause.

She explains, “I am taking a year off from my PharmD program, and I felt that during this year I should keep up with the motivation that got me into the program, which is the desire to serve others. I was very fortunate to meet a few people who served with Americorps and to learn how the program worked. I felt that Volunteer Maryland had a structure that would allow me to reach my fullest potential during my service year.”

Chigo is serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Dundalk Renaissance Corporation, where she will recruit volunteers who will assist older adults and people with disabilities by performing home maintenance and repairs, providing transportation to appointments and events, and aiding access to food and health care.

As she serves, Chigo hopes to accomplish a number of professional goals, saying, “I am hoping to gain a wider network outside of the field of pharmacy and the skills needed to revitalize a community. This fits into my long-term goals of providing and bringing attention to the care of underserved communities in and out of Baltimore City. With these skills and a positive attitude, I believe I can be an agent of lasting change to the healthcare system.”

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