Nick Yoder, Carroll County Forestry Board


A recent graduate of the University of Maryland Master of Landscape Architecture Program, Nick is passionate about designing and maintaining wildlife habitats. This passion drew him to the Carroll County Forestry Board. He explains, “There is very little quality habitat in Carroll County due to development and agriculture. Because of this, local wildlife is suffering; unable to find suitable habitat for shelter and food. Since development and agriculture have large sources of support and funding in general, and are overwhelming forces when contrasted with the ideal of protecting wildlife habitat, I want to be a steward of the environment.”  

Nick is especially excited about inspiring environmental stewardship in others, explaining “I’m serving as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator because I want to become more comfortable with recruiting and managing volunteers. I have some management experience, but I have very little experience recruiting people for a greater cause and figuring out how to keep each volunteer motivated.”

As he serves, Nick says, “I just want to keep learning more about plant and animal identification, managing invasive species, and growing native plants. Whether I decide to go into management or design, I think this experience will be a stepping stone for my confidence and my career.”


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