Madison Simms, Stepping Stones Shelter


About her service as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Stepping Stones Shelter, University of Maryland graduate Madison reflects, “I chose to embark on this service year for many reasons. I felt that it would be the best way to accelerate my career right out of college. I also believe in the importance of volunteering as it can expose participants to charitable work for the pure enjoyment of the activity.”

Madison knows about the pleasure of volunteering from her own experience, explaining, “Last year I was able to volunteer with Trellis Services, a school that supports behavioral interventions for children diagnosed with Autism spectrum and related disorders. Because of this experience, I was able to confirm that I would love to pursue a career helping children with developmental and behavioral disorders.”

Madison sees this year as a bridge to that career, sharing, “Volunteer Maryland is providing me with the opportunity to gain and practice multiple valuable skills through this intense yet humanitarian position. These skills include leading others in service, public speaking skills, professional writing, and professional networking. While I’m unsure as to what my future holds, I want to be able to help others who can’t help themselves. My true passion is fostering healthy development for children in adversity.” 

1 thought on “Madison Simms, Stepping Stones Shelter

  1. Proud of you Madison.
    P. John

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