Mallory Jones, The Samaritan Women


Mallory, a recent recipient of an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University, is already looking ahead to the publication of her first book.

At the same time, she is deeply committed to her service as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with The Samaritan Women, a comprehensive recovery center for adult female survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Mallory learned about The Samaritan Women several years ago, and shares, “I am thrilled to join this organization, which will celebrate ten years of fighting modern-day slavery in 2017. Though the facts of human trafficking are sobering, I am so excited to work for this organization and help increase their capacity to service this great need by working with our wonderful volunteers!”

As she serves, Mallory hopes to learn more about this important issue. She explains, “One hope I have for this year is that I will become more educated about human trafficking in the local and global community. This form of exploitation is so removed from the public eye, but it is everywhere, and unfortunately our decisions as individual consumers can make us complicit in it. From what I’ve learned so far, it seems that many ‘cheap’ products are cheap as a result of exploitation and enslaved laborers. Over the next year I want to transform my spending habits and learn how to avoid food, clothing, and other products which are a product of human trafficking. My greatest hope is that my work over the next year will make a meaningful contribution to fighting domestic and global exploitation.”

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