MaryAnn Eleanya, Baltimore Bar Foundation


A recent Cornell University graduate, MaryAnn shares, “I am doing a term of service with Volunteer Maryland because I want to learn more about my interests and myself and at the same time give back to a struggling community. Looking back at the past few years of my life, I’d like to think that I have been very fortunate to receive a great education. Based on that reflection, I believe that it is only fair that I pay it forward in any way that I can.”

MaryAnn is serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Baltimore Bar Foundation’s Senior Legal Services program. Founded in 1992 as Legal Services to the Elderly, Senior Legal Services provides vital pro bono legal services to low-income seniors, aged 60 and over, in Baltimore City. In her role, MaryAnn is recruiting 30 new volunteer attorneys who represent clients, visit senior centers, volunteer for the  annual Law Day for Seniors, and volunteer with quarterly estate planning clinics held throughout Baltimore City. MaryAnn is also developing a sustainable volunteer recruitment plan and a volunteer recognition plan that acknowledges and rewards specific achievements.

MaryAnn explains, “From this experience I hope to be able to gain the confidence to interact with different kinds of people. I also hope to gain valuable skills in leadership, empathy and determination. This will fit into my long term goals because whether I decide to pursue further education or pursue employment, these are important skills.”

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