Archie Slade, St. Francis Neighborhood Center


A recent UMBC graduate, Archie shares “I’m a military brat, which means I moved around a lot as a child. I have a B.A. in English, and I love words. I love absorbing facts and information that seem useless and storing them away until I need them.

“The force that drove me to apply with Volunteer Maryland was the force of, ‘I just graduated from college and I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life.’ After four years of school, I was excited by the promise of a year-long position that offered something completely different from the rarefied, theoretical world of academia. I wanted to be out in the world, providing actual benefit to other humans. I was sick of discussing what was wrong with the world – I wanted to go out and change it! Being a VMC with St. Francis Neighborhood Center is an amazing opportunity to get into the world of service, and, as a bonus, the Volunteer Maryland support team helps make it a smooth and effective transition. It was really just the right opportunity at the right time of my life.

“I am hoping to gain practical skills and field experience in the realm of volunteerism, service, and community initiatives. I am hoping to learn how to recruit volunteers and how to get them fired up, how to motivate people to work for free. If in this period of time I could make a measurable, lasting difference in the life of one person then I would consider it a success, or if I could make a measurable, lasting, positive change for the organization then that would also be a success. This is a year for me to just focus on the role that I play in the world, and work on sending my energy outwards, in service.”

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