Becky – My VM Story – Elms

She’s slow to anger, quick to laugh, and describes herself as a loyal friend. Becky joins our VM30 Class, serving at Elms Environmental Education Center in St. Mary’s. “I am proud of my decades of involvement with outdoor environmental work, whether building and maintaining the Appalachian trail and other trails in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, or in helping build trails centers and shelters and campgrounds so that others who share my love of the American outdoors can better enjoy the experience. One tidbit about me is that I hate to drive and I am especially fond of all animals, so when I do drive I will always brake my car for animals. Therefore, other drivers should not tailgate me.”

“I am doing this term because I could not believe a vacancy existed for such a noble and challenging opportunity.  When I learned during my Master Naturalist Certification Training that it was actually possible to spend time encouraging and helping my fellow Marylanders become involved as volunteers in and for their communities, I realized that a life-long dream of mine was on the cusp of fulfillment.  Doing something positive to help my world be a better place, and also helping my neighbors become more involved citizens allows me to “give back” to all those men and women who helped me in prior years to get to the place I enjoy in life and to become the person I am today.

As I progress through this program and become more and more acclimated in the role and responsibilities my position entails, I hope to gain an increased measure of self confidence in my ability to organize and inspire others to be more effective volunteers.

I believe serving in the capacity will help me become more organized in my own thoughts and actions, and help me help others gain that confidence and awareness that comes from the satisfaction of serving their towns and cities and state.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Elms please visit

If you know an organization that would be interesting in having an AmeriCorps Member serve as a Volunteer Coordinator for the 2018-2019 service year please visit

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