Members in Action! – Kelsey

Kelsey Eastman is an AmeriCorps Member serving at Deep Roots in Earleville. Deep Roots is a homeless shelter for children and families in the community that strives to break the generational cycle of homelessness. In her time there, her recruiting efforts have focused mainly on volunteers to serve as tutors for the children at Deep Roots.

As Kelsey has worked to get this program off the ground, she recently interviewed the first volunteer she recruited as a tutor about her experience so far. The volunteer said, “It was not long before Christmas so all the kids were excited. I held the tutoring session inside the dining hall so all of the kids were curious and running around us while we worked, wanting to get involved and participate in the session. I felt a bit overwhelmed and nervous because I wasn’t the most confident in being a tutor. One boy came up to me and asked me if I would like a cup of tea. So he came back with a cup of tea, sat down with me, and just started a conversation with me. I received such a warm welcome and sense of hospitality from this boy and it reminded me that while you come here to give back to your community, you end up receiving so much more.”


It’s not only tutors that make a difference at Deep Roots though. Kelsey met with a pastor of a local church to discuss outreach among his congregation. She was delighted to find out that he not only wanted to help her with her recruiting, but he also wanted to volunteer himself! He has offered to help them design and print promotional materials as well as bring a “Carnival in a Box” (think moon bounce, cotton candy, popcorn, and other games!) to the residents of Deep Roots.

Another volunteer who helps with tech support stepped out from his normal volunteer routine to bring over $250 worth of donations of food and supplies. In response to this, Kelsey said, “It is amazing to see volunteers branch out and help the other areas of Deep Roots that they don’t usually volunteer with!”

Beyond recruiting for tutoring volunteers, Kelsey has established a partnership with a group at the University of Delaware known as Lazarus Rising. She says, “They will send out volunteers from the University of Delaware that will have weekly and monthly sessions with our residents that will include resume building, basic computer training, mock interviews, job searching, job applications, as well as follow up sessions.”

Kelsey is crushing it at Deep Roots! Her service as an AmeriCorps Member and the service of the volunteers of Deep Roots remind us that every little bit helps and one small act of kindness can make a difference!


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