Jonathan’s Back – My VM Story

Born in Israel and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Jonathan moved to Maryland after leaving high school and graduating from Brandeis University in 2017 with a Bachelors in History and minors in Creative Writing and Religious Studies.

Jonathan is also a second-year Volunteer Maryland AmeriCorps member who served with Stepping Stones Shelter in Rockville last year. “I had an incredible experience organizing volunteers and serving to make a difference, and my ambition is to make at least as large of a difference in my local community this year as well.” This year Jonathan will be serving at Partners in Care in Frederick, helping residents with transportation assistance to and from vital appointments. 

When not serving his community, Jonathan can usually be found reading a good book, baking, or practicing martial arts.

“I have always believed that service to others is of the highest priority, and that challenges provide an excellent way for us to learn and grow. Volunteer Maryland gives me an opportunity to challenge myself to help others by working to grow volunteer programs and serve those who cannot help themselves. While it takes a village to raise a child, it is that child’s responsibility to give back to their village.”

“Last year, at my former service site Stepping Stones Shelter, I was awed and humbled by the sheer amount of time, resources, dedication, and energy that volunteers put into helping those less fortunate than themselves, often driving great distances, jumping to help at the last minute, and going above and beyond in every way out of a love of their neighbor. These incredible people inspire me to wake up in the morning and do everything I can to serve. I have been blessed with great privileges, and with those privileges come the responsibility to use what I have wisely and well.”

“This year, I hope to gain confidence in my public speaking and outreach skills. As an introvert, it can be difficult for me to engage with people, especially groups of people, I do not know, and I hope to increase my skill level in communicating with others.”

“Because service is very important to me, I am also eager to gain experience and connections in the nonprofit community, which I hope to be able to use to find a full-time job in that sector after I am done with my term at AmeriCorps.”

“Most of all, this year I hope to develop and grow both personally and professionally, to gain a better understanding of how to organize and lead others, and to become stronger as a person and as a team member, so as to most effectively bring my skills towards serving others in the future.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Partners in Care please visit and

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