Ethan Goes SAFE

Ethan Thompson is an AmeriCorps member who is in his second year of service, coming to us from another Maryland program. He is currently spending his Service Year at the Safe Alternative Foundation for Education. SAFE believes that all students should have access to a quality education and the resources and opportunities that will assist them in achieving their goals. They provide afterschool, weekend, and summer learning educational opportunities through vocational programs that provide real world application as well as exposing students to the world outside of their community.

Ethan describes himself as indiscriminately compassionate. “I have persevered through great odds and I am motivated by helping others.” Ethan says he is most proud of his ability to maintain an open mind throughout the ever-changing environment around him.

Why are you doing a term of service?
“I’m doing a term of service because making an impact through my work is important to me. I want to get more involved in the community, and committing to a term of service is the best way for me to get real world experience and further my capabilities in that regard. This is my second consecutive year serving, and what I have learned in the past year has motivated me to keep going.”

What are your goals this Service Year?

“My long term goal is to combine my love for music with my love for my community. As far as specifics, I am not sure how I am going to implement this goal, but serving in AmeriCorps is helping me to gain a better understanding as to how I can accomplish this goal most efficiently. Specifically I am looking to gain and improve my skills in systems development, systems management, program development, and program management. These skills will help me to get closer to my long term goal.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at SAFE please visit

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