Melissa is on Board with the Arc of Southern Maryland

Our next VM 31 Story brings us to Melissa who is serving at The Arc of Southern Maryland, a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, affiliated with The Arc of the United States, the world’s largest grass roots organization of, and for, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

“I believe in equality for all ,no matter their life circumstances.”

When asked what are some things that are good to know about her, here’s what Melissa had to say. “I am very interested in the ethical treatment of all people and excited about diversity. I believe in equality for all ,no matter their life circumstances, and believe that most people just need a chance to tell their stories. I am most proud of my kids, through my guidance and the life experiences afforded to them, they are the most empathetic people I have the pleasure of knowing. I hold a MPH from National University, and I am looking forward to changing the world with it! I am happy to start with Volunteer Maryland, in the southern MD region where I currently live with my husband and 3 daughters.”

Thinking about motivation, what made you apply for this program and accept this challenge? “I chose to serve with VM because I am passionate about equality and the inclusion of people with all levels of ability. I am especially excited about bringing the community together and helping to make lasting connections. I am honored to serve the people that Arc Southern MD serves, and excited to see what kind of impact I can make for each person! Beyond that, I was inspired to apply by my kids. Once I finish this term, I will be able to really impress upon them the value of service through my own experiences.”

My main goal is to finish!

“My main goal is to finish! I do not like leaving things unfinished, and I would love to be able to help create a program that will be manageable and sustainable for The Arc Southern MD so they can continue to meet their goals and serve the community. I was not looking to gain any skills, but am happy that I will have the opportunity to learn how to be an effective volunteer manager and expand both personally and professionally. This service year and beyond will help me meet the goal I have of constant growth and personal (and professional) development.”

You can learn more about volunteer opportunities at The ARC of Southern Maryland by visiting their website at or visit their facebook page at

If you know of a non-profit organization who would like to learn how they can leverage their volunteer program to help build capacity and increase sustainability consider becoming a Service Site; hosting an AmeriCorps member that could make that possible – visit


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