Recognizing Greatness in Pigtown

On Saturday December 1, Pigtown Main Street of Baltimore, Maryland hosted its Second Annual Volunteer Recognition Event, where volunteers were recognized for their amazing service. Returning Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Pam Evans, hosted this event for the second year in a row to honor 170 volunteers that volunteer throughout the year.

Several awards given to volunteers included the Governor’s Service Award, Pigtown Main Street Hero Award, Pigtown Innovation Award, Pigtown Main Street Partnership Award and more! Volunteers were celebrated as they ate together, danced and received awards. It was a night to remember.


This is what Pam had to say about the special volunteer event, “The Pigtown Main Street Volunteer Recognition and Award Celebration was designed to recognize the wide array of support for volunteers and volunteer based activities and to “catch volunteers” at their best. To this end, we have a wide array of categories through which to acknowledge volunteers showing commitment by volunteers for multiple events, demonstrating leadership by leading events, being innovative and creative, and going beyond the call of duty. One hundred seventy volunteers choose Pigtown Main Street to be the recipient of their donated volunteer time in 2018. The recognition and award celebration program was our acknowledgement of the significant impact these donated hours have had on the success of Pigtown Main Street activities.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Pigtown Main Street please visit, Also, organizations looking to host an AmeriCorps member and partner with Volunteer Maryland may apply at

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