Wendi – My VM Story –


Wendi is a an AmeriCorps member serving at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, serving in their Truancy Prevention Program. “Three things that come to mind when I think of Truancy Prevention Program is caring for children that need help in succeeding, active listening and sharing ideas to provide solutions, and being supportive to kids that need a voice.”

 Wendi joined AmeriCorps specifically to serve with Volunteer Maryland because she was looking for a position that was purposeful and doing good for the community.Growing up, my mother was the one who has made the most impact on my life because she stressed education, to never give up or settle for less, and that life will take you many places if you have the courage to walk in faith.” As a 12 year old I would have loved any reward that was art related – a book, art supplies or a kit, and perhaps tickets or trip to a museum.” That may be why Wendi has experience in working at historical museums in her professional career!

“In my spare time I love to read, mostly historical based material and mysteries.  I also continue with my artworks in painting, drawing, jewelry making, and mix media formats.” This year Wendi hopes to learn more sign language. “I would love to visit Japan and Southeast Asia!”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, you may visit https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/sao/index.html

Are you an organization that serves the community with the use of volunteers? Discover how you can leverage your volunteer program by partnering with Volunteer Maryland and have an AmeriCorps member serve as Volunteer Coordinator with you! volunteer.maryland.gov/ServiceSites

1 thought on “Wendi – My VM Story –

  1. Wendy is way COOL. I spent two years in southern WV doing student success specialty work. I realized that promoting success in students is the most important thing. Waiting until the problem is in the law enforcement arena is sometimes too late for permanent change.

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