Volunteer Story: Why are we here?

Allie Matheu is the Volunteer Maryland AmeriCorps member serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for Seeds 4 Success.  Before she committed to the year of National Service, she was a volunteer in the Seeds 4 Success mentoring program. Below is a client story where Allie shares how one day a few of the students were not taking the program seriously and a volunteer spoke to the mentees about the purpose of the mentoring program. Through his speech, the volunteer demonstrated his passion and dedication which then inspired confidence and motivation in the mentee’s. This was truly a transformational moment for everyone. This is what Allie had to say about her experience.

S4SSummer reading boys 2 (1)
“One of our volunteers who has been a mentor and tutor for our Eastport Boys Club for 3 years recently held a meeting with our Program Manager. He shared that he finds the environment during Monday night tutoring to be quite distracting. He also shared that he believes the distractions and behavioral issues that come along with that can be mitigated if the boys are united in their efforts. The cause of the distraction, he says, is the fact that the boys aren’t aware of why they are in the Eastport Boys Club, that they don’t really understand the purpose of it all. In order to unite our boys and to make the purpose of their work on Mondays clear, he decided to take it upon himself and give a speech at the beginning of tutoring.

The following Monday, at 5:00 pm, he stood in front of the boys and their tutors and spoke to them about why we are all here. He talked about the importance of teamwork and that it is paramount to success, which we all have to take the program seriously in order for it to be truly fruitful. As he spoke, the boys listened and I could see that confidence began to flicker in their eyes. Confidence in themselves, that they can achieve their goals and what they set out to do. I appreciated the drive of this particular volunteer and his dedication to our mission. This type of spirit is what I hope to see in all of our volunteers, as well as our students. True dedication and self-driven motivation is what we hope to foster in everyone who is a part of our program.”

S4SIAR boys with Maritime Museum

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