Welcome Back Kirk!

Today starts the VM class 32 of introductions! First up is Kirk, who is serving a second year with Volunteer Maryland. Last year, Kirk served as Volunteer Coordinator at Senior Legal Services, and this year he will be a Regional Coordinator! When he isn’t serving with Volunteer Maryland, Kirk is either playing roleplaying games, doing InterPlay, or spending time with his family. While he is proud of earning his Juris Doctorate and self-publishing several novels, his greatest accomplishment is getting his two children through high school with his “mind relatively intact”.

After over a decade as a stay-at-home parent, Kirk was ready to do something different. He heard from several friends that he should consider AmeriCorps, learning that it wasn’t just for young people. He applied to Volunteer Maryland and served with Senior Legal Services for the 2018-2019 service year. His tenure there allowed for challenges, rewards, and growth! Kirk’s favorite parts of serving an AmeriCorps year were the in-service trainings and events (including service projects and cohort meetings) facilitated by Volunteer Maryland. He knew he wanted to do a second year with AmeriCorps and decided that he wanted that year to be with Volunteer Maryland again. Kirk wanted the opportunity to work more closely with the VM staff and get to know more about all of the volunteer programs they support throughout the state of Maryland. This made it an obvious choice for him to apply as Regional Coordinator (formerly known as Peer Leader). Regional Coordinators have a special role within the Volunteer Maryland support team, as they are still AmeriCorps members serving as part of the cohort, as well as being a peer to them; facilitating workshops/meetings, coordinating service projects, checking in and accompanying staff at site visits!

Last service year, Kirk discovered and rediscovered many skills while working as a Volunteer Coordinator at Senior Legal Services. He wants to build upon that with his second year at Volunteer Maryland, as he continues to update his abilities for the upcoming generations to come. Kirk is dedicated to improving his planning and presentation skills, as well as expanding his knowledge and familiarity with volunteer coordination. His long-term goal is to find ways to leverage what he’s learned to help people get things done!

Volunteer Maryland’s Outreach Manager Nathan Cabrera states, “We are so happy to have Kirk serve another year with Volunteer Maryland. He is an asset to the support team and we can’t wait for him to use his creativity in this role as Regional Coordinator along with his AmeriCorps experience to support our AmeriCorps members out in the field.” 

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