Welcome to VM, Cierra!

Cierra is also serving as Volunteer Maryland’s Regional Coordinator supporting our AmeriCorps members who are serving throughout Maryland!


I am proud to have grown up in Langley Park, Maryland. I’ve always had a love for my community, defending it in earnest and always envisioning ways to give back to the community. I found ways to serve my community and eventually other communities in Maryland, South Korea and Oklahoma through education, child care, community service, fundraising, and church activities. Love of the area, brought me back from my travels as I felt called to serve the children of my home county, Prince George’s County, as a Middle School Teacher. I believe that life has led me this way because, apart from my faith, I love beauty and restoration; be it in nature, in a person, a place, or a connection. To make something beautiful, or to restore something, lets you truly see that value may seem gone at times, but it may just be obscured. With time, effort, and care we may rediscover or create anew something wonderful.


I’ve spent 4 years in Public Middle School English Education. Towards the end of my fourth year, I’d begun to realize that there were more issues I wanted to address and a wider population of people. I was dedicated to rigorous and relevant English education but the root of my passion led me to a more holistic care for my students, their families, and our communities. Being a past Teach for America member, I perused the opportunities AmeriCorps had and realized that I didn’t want to be limited to a single category, but I wanted to apply for many various positions, and I did. When I discovered that the role of Regional Coordinator would allow me to collaborate with many of these locations, utilize my strengths from a career in Education, and build up new skills, there was no doubt that I wanted to commit wholeheartedly to a year of action, a year of service.   


I am hoping that this year with AmeriCorps gears me for a life in service to Maryland in a new capacity. I’d love to gain more experience in Volunteer and Non-profit Management, to work on tangible ways to increase satisfaction from those working with and in non-profit organizations to increase sustainability and efficacy would be a goal that sparks challenge and motivation.  This fits into my long term goals because I’ve been accustomed to serving as a teacher, but I want to broaden my scope of service to make more positive change and get more things done. This truly allows me to pivot from educational service to a broader arena of service which will allow me to make more state-wide change and support. ‘

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