Ginikachi: Charting a Course for Ameri-Adventures


I have a background in engineering, business and public health and I like to position myself in different areas where I can be of service to individuals in need and make a positive impact. As an immigrant, who has long been involved in community service from my early career in an oil producing company in one of the oil giant countries in West Africa, it was easy for me to channel my passion for selfless service into public service. I often find myself charting courses that lead to new adventures and acquiring knowledge that will benefit the communities I associate with.


Apart from “getting things done,” I am driven by the ideal that what I am a part of is bigger than any one person. Having served with the inner-city community of Baltimore City by providing adult GED instruction, it has been a joy to see people share their stories with a brighter smile just because of your presence in their midst. Additionally, I’m filled with excitement to be a part of this community. Moreover, if I can give back to anyone, why not with the community that I will be spending the next few months with.


I hope that my time at Langton Green will positively impact the community, bring about improved social change, and eliminate the isolation of our target community when compared to the general population.

It is also my wish that the skills, and knowledge gained from delivering the project goals at my site will help launch my professional career to continue pursuing this type of work.

1 thought on “Ginikachi: Charting a Course for Ameri-Adventures

  1. Welcome to Langton Green

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