Katherine Kane: Puppies with Purpose


Katherine is from Greensboro, North Carolina. She graduated from Guilford College with Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and criminal justice in 2018 where she was on the swim and tennis teams. She is excited to spend time supporting the Veteran Community in Maryland. Katherine has plans to attend graduate school to attain her PhD in Clinical Psychology in order to better work with military populations on subjects such as reintegration.


Katherine has a passion to support service members and their families. This passion inspired her to serve as an AmeriCorps member through Volunteer Maryland at Warrior Canine Connection. Though we smile knowingly at the overt joy and happiness one can find in a position working close to many puppies, the puppies are actually more of a perk to an already perfect position for Katherine. WCC’s mission to provide support to veterans and their families and ease their transition back to civilian life is something to which she strongly relates. WCC is also a wonderful fit because it allows her to work in two interesting joint fields which support veterans, canine training and trauma recovery.


Katherine looks forward to gaining experience in nonprofit management and recruitment during her time as an AmeriCorps member. She hopes to develop strong relationships within the community and learn more about WCC’s Mission Based Trauma Recovery Model to prepare for her own future in service to veterans. Katherine is excited to begin her career serving military populations alongside Warrior Canine Connection.

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