Wendi Perry: Art, History, and Education


 Wendi loves history and culture, as well as fine art. She is proud of the various exhibits and printed media she has created over 20 years depicting African American history and culture. She has spent time educating and serving the public by directing and supporting various historical, cultural, and artistic museums, as well as, bringing her expertise directly to our public school students. Wendi cultivates a sense of calm around her in a hectic world, which she seeks to share with students who have a life of trauma. She cultivates this from life experience, mindset, hard-work and creative artistry. More importantly, Wendi seeks to meet our students and volunteers where they are and for who they are, in order to lift them up. 


Wendi is excited to continue serving at her site, The State Attorney’s Office Truancy Prevention Program, because after a year at her site she feels as if she has even more to contribute to the community. She also enjoys learning more about the intricate processes and procedures relating to volunteer recruitment, training and sustainability. She’s interested in taking part in a variety of trainings in relevant topics such as naloxone training, art therapy for mental health, to canva training’s, etc. because of their practicality in serving the direct needs of the community and it’s programs.


Wendi hopes to gain more real-time experience in volunteer recruiting, screening, and training. The experience will enrich her own skills as well as the program and people with whom she works. Wendi also would like to leave her mark on her program by using her background in archiving, curating and directing in museums and the content considered, as well as, her on-going activity with art and art therapy to serve the students, volunteers, program and office of TPP. 

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