Aaron Turner: Educating on Humanity’s Symbiotic Relationship with Nature


Aaron has devoted most of his life to helping people. Even as a child, long before ever having formed the idea of the person he would become, helping others was fulfilling for him. He has many very forward thinking ideas and is always looking to learn. From educating in a classroom to applying philosophy and interesting environmental facts to everyday conversation, he embodies the spirit of a true educator and environmentalist and endears himself to others with an altruistic warmth. 


There is a true peace that Aaron finds being in a natural setting which always reminds him of the value of, and respect we should have for our planet. It is literally his dream job to be able to work with other people who have the same respect for our environment, to teach students about the love he has for the outdoors, and what it means to care for the planet. Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps allow him to chase his dreams, give back to the community and challenge himself to be the best version of himself that he can be. 


As Aaron serves throughout the year, he is hoping to develop a strong community of individuals with a deep love and appreciation of the beautiful, but fragile world in which we live. He hopes to make a difference in protecting the planet by helping to build a community of agro-ecologically conscientious people! He plans to do this by educating people about nature’s value in sustaining us. The education and ensuing community will focus on the evidence and practices which prove that nature will take care of us if we take care of it. Aaron himself strives to one day be a developer of various sustainable agro-ecological systems to share with other communities in hopes that we can begin to fully thrive on the ideals of respect and reciprocity for our own communities and the planet.

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