Daphne: Dedicated to Service

Daphne is serving for a second year with Volunteer Maryland at Garrett County Community Action Committee (GCCAC), which provides a wide range of services to those in need living in Garrett County.

What are some things that are good to know about you?  What are you proud of?  What are some good tidbits to know about you?

I have served two years as a VISTA here at GCCAC and one year as a Volunteer Coordinator with Volunteer Maryland. I also served two years as a VISTA at Big Ugly, WV and as a one-half time AmeriCorps member at Garrett County Health Department.

I love animals and sometimes feel that all my best friends have 4 legs or 2 legs and feathers. Additionally, I have been gardening seriously for at least 65 years. I have a doctorate in Technology Education (Technology and Rural Community Development) with a minor in Designing Instruction for adults in non-traditional situations.

Why are you doing a term of service with Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps?  What motivated you to apply and accept this challenge?

Actually, I think AmeriCorps just works for me. It gives me a little bit to live on while I do what I love the most: serving others and trying to make the world a slightly better place to live. I am a rural person and have always lived in rural areas or very small towns. I understand the rural context. And as far as I am concerned, a person is either part of the problem or part of developing a solution. People who stand and watch, but do nothing are part of the problem. While I may not be successful and I may make poor decisions, I am sincerely attempting to go forward. “It’s not how many times I fall, but how many times I get up: if the number of falls = n, the number of times I get back up must be at least n + 1.”

What are you hoping to gain from doing this?  What skills are you looking to gain?  How does this fit into your long-term goals?

To do what we are doing, but better. Be better at collecting and reporting volunteer data. Be better at recruiting the skilled volunteers we need. Engage more Appalachian Crossroads clients as volunteers. Engage at least a few (2-3) Garrett College students as volunteers. Utilize high school students in service.

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