Marieme Ndiaye: Helping Kids, Caring for the Community

The Facts

As a volunteer in college, Marieme spent her time serving children in Baltimore and people with disabilities. She has a passion for providing community support which benefits the lives of youth who are facing challenges. Her passion for working with people with disabilities led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, and an internship at the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities during her Master’s studies.

The Reason

As an AmeriCorps Member with Volunteer Maryland this year, Marieme aims to contribute to the mission of CASA/Prince George’s County by recruiting and recognizing more volunteers, who are the key component in reaching as many children in foster care as possible. She was motivated to apply because she wanted to learn about the foster care process and how children could continue to receive support and stability after being separated from their families. She looks forward to learning new skills, is pursuing a better understanding of what it means to coordinate volunteers, and seeks to gain a new perspective on her state.

The Goal

At the end of the service year, she hopes to have improved her leadership and management skills. She also hopes to have contributed in a positive manner to the organization, by having sustainable practices in place to support the youth of the county. In the future, she aims to attend medical school and practice as a pediatrician or child psychiatrist. Marieme wants this year of service to educate her on community organization and advocacy in order to better serve her future patients, as a physician who truly understands and advocates for the needs of the community as a whole.

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