Chanell Abdul-Muhamin: Helping MD Face their Storms


While Chanell’s mother was making the transition from fighting cancer to succumbing to it, Chanell became aware of her capability to accurately interpret situations around her for what they were. At this time, she had great pressure upon her to be everything to everyone: perfect mother of two children, model employee in a new position, and caring, capable hospice nurse to her mother. She handled the situations as they arose, and tended to each with care and attention. The ability to handle these high-stress situations showed her that she had a super power within herself. They built an adaptability, flexibility, and endurance of which she is very proud. She firmly believes that you can make any bad situation seem good, because even if dark, thundering, clouds are threatening to pour down on her; she looks forward, past the rain to the sunshine which always follows. After handling her own storms and managing her own crises, Chanell is prepared to help Maryland face theirs.


Chanell is doing a term with Volunteer Maryland through AmeriCorps because her main goal in life was to give back to her community. Growing up, she found Baltimore to be a place where older folks always showed you how to give back. Being a self-proclaimed old soul, she follows suit, holds the same positive mindset and is given life from seeing others happy, even when her own journey is rough. Her other reason is to build bonds and create a career in the non-profit sector. She found herself accepting the challenge because she felt driven to do what she couldn’t in the past, which was to give back in service and redirect her career towards an exciting, challenging, new field. 


Chanell is looking to gain a new career, experience in networking, more training and a new family from this experience. She is working towards gaining confidence in learning about newer, bigger ideas and frameworks, public speaking, and getting comfortable with discomfort. Her long term goal is to make a difference in her small part of the world.

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