Superhero On Deck!

In an earlier post I referred to myself as a “mosquito” and shared one of favorite quotes about service, “If you think you’re too small to make an impact, then try sleeping with a mosquito.”  Well it seems many of our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators (VMCs) are also mosquitos at their Service Sites. Take The Friends of Quiet Waters Park for example.  This is the second year, The Friends of Quiet Park has partnered with Volunteer Maryland to have a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator manage the volunteer program.  After completing two weeks of Pre-Service Training, Nicki Fiocco, began her service year at Quiet Waters Park with much enthusiasm.  I think her work speaks for itself and showcases how effective VMCs are in bringing forth results!

Nicki, right, sporting her AmeriCorps gear while volunteering

With any partnership, there has to be clear and concise purpose.  The long term goal of Nicki’s service year is to recruit volunteers to deliver ten educational programs and ten interpretative programs.  Prior to Nicki beginning recruitment of new volunteers, she realized that there were some short term goals that needed to be accomplished in order to recruit and retain those volunteers.  She took the “bull by the horns” and immediately began implementing ideas.  One of the first things Nicki did was create the necessary materials to capture information and build a solid foundation for the volunteer program.  She created a volunteer application, volunteer “Bill of Rights,” position descriptions, exit surveys for volunteers and staff, and a tracking system to record the hours volunteers serve. She even created a vibrant and resourceful volunteer web site.

Forming new partnerships has also been an enjoyable project for Nicki.  She has joined forces with the Anne Arundel Community College and Annapolis Jr. ROTC service learning programs to recruit volunteers for the Park’s Environmental Lecture Series.  A few months ago, she oriented and supervised forty employees from Six Flags of America’s  “Project Six” program, as volunteers to service the 370 acres that encompass Quiet Waters Park.

If that isn’t enough, Nicki has recruited volunteers for the Park’s Rainscaping and Oyster Guardians of Harness Creek programs and shows no sign of slowing down.  She is already preparing for the sustainability of the volunteer program once her year concludes in six months.  Keep in mind that Nicki has only been at Quiet Waters Park for four months now.  Imagine the progress she will make by July 31!  Way to go, Nicki!

It is my firm belief that Volunteer Maryland recruits only the best VMCs.  As a former VMC and current Peer Leader, I am one hundred percent biased, but the proof is all too apparent.  They are like superheroes of volunteer programs.

If you are interested in recruiting your own “superhero” view Maureen’s post to learn how to register for one of our Information Sessions.  Who doesn’t love superheroes?  Seriously. 🙂

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