Thank You, Site Supervisors!

A couple of weeks ago, we reunited with our group of Volunteer Maryland Coordinators and Site Supervisors for one of our monthly training days.  It was a great opportunity to share resources and learn from many leaders across the State of Maryland.

We meet as a large group only a few times a year, which makes these particular trainings very special.  Being with this group reminded me of how lucky we are to have such incredible leaders to serve as our Site Supervisors. For today’s blog post, let’s celebrate the great people who mentor and support our AmeriCorps members!

Our Site Supervisors represent a wide range of professionals in the non-profit and government sector.  From Executive Directors to Watershed Foresters, their roles go beyond volunteer management. Through their work, they are a constant voice for their community, advocates for the environment, and change makers.  They are involved in everything from strategic planning to staff leadership, grant management to communications. The diversity and depth of their experience and knowledge are an invaluable asset to our partnership.

The Site Supervisors are fantastic mentors to our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  They spend time each week providing guidance, feedback, and resources for both the volunteer program and the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator.  We cannot thank them enough for the guidance they offer to our members, as the Site Supervisors play a big role in developing service leaders who will continue to lead beyond their AmeriCorps service year.

Speaking of continued service, it’s exciting to know that nine of our Site Supervisors are AmeriCorps alums!  These alums represent VISTA, NCCC, Public Allies, and other great AmeriCorps programs across the country.  Out of this group, three of our supervisors served with Volunteer Maryland!  It is wonderful to see former members support current members in this unique relationship.  Coleen Reyes, Site Supervisor at the Baltimore Urban Debate League and Volunteer Maryland alumna of Classes 19 and 20, shared that her experience as an AmeriCorps alumna “gave me the perspective to always look for new opportunities to learn and grow for myself and therefore any AmeriCorps member that I now support.  Furthermore, it has made me much more attentive to ensuring their experience is really connected to making change and developing themselves professionally and personally.”

Thank you to all of our Site Supervisors- past and present!

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