The Cycle of VM Site Visits

The sun and the birds are waking me up these days.  This change in season means spring site visits are beginning!  Volunteer Maryland places Volunteer Maryland Coordinators (VMC’s) throughout the state.  The impact they make on the community is beyond belief.  We do our best to put words and data to their tremendous impact, but each and every one

of the VMC’s have their own individual spark and passion.  They add more than just volunteer coordination to their Service Sites. They contribute creativity, leadership, AmeriCorps pride and most of all, they know how to be part of a team!

As the Program Manager, I have the pleasure of visiting every service site throughout Maryland.  This season’s site visits kicked off at Fox Haven Organic Farm in Jefferson.  Here Amelia Meman, one of the VM28 Peer Leaders extraordinaire and I learned about the great work

Maddie Price VMC at Fox Haven Organic Farm

Maddie Price has been doing since she arrived at the site in October.  The last time we were at Fox Haven, we pulled a couple of root vegetables.  During this site visit on Monday, April 25th, we toured the Chestnut Orchard and checked out the garden beds.  The garden beds have been cared for by volunteers — weeded, mulched etc.  Volunteers also transplanted berry bushes to a better spot on the farm.  The sun was shining, and at one point we took our shoes off and walked in the grass.

Tomorrow we visit the Baltimore Community ToolBank.  Marcus Mosley the VMC at the ToolBank is serving his second year and has grown by leaps and


bounds!  One of his goals was to recruit recurring volunteers.  Marcus did it, and we get to watch him in action!  At this site visit, Marcus will be leading the group of volunteers in a service project that goes beyond the warehouse on Wicomico Street in Baltimore.  The ToolBank’s reach goes beyond Baltimore and touches thousands of volunteers throughout Maryland.  With a VMC in place, the ToolBank has been able to strengthen their volunteer program and retain valuable volunteers.Chelsea

For the next few weeks, Peer Leaders Amelia Meman and Chelsea Goldsmith and I will traverse the state and visit all the VMCs.  Next week we will be in Westminster, Carroll County and finish the week in Salisbury.

Please take the trip with us and check in frequently to this blog!  Together we Will Get Things Done!

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