Relaxing in the Heat

With a lot to fit in just a few short weeks before our service year ends, it seems like summer is rushing by!  I always want to remind our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators to take time during this busy season and treat themselves well.  And what says summer relaxation better than grilling?  As a part of our AmeriRecipes collection (low-cost, easy to prepare, and delicious!), I present Grilling with Veggies!

grilled veggiesBeyond just a veggie-filled skewer, grilling vegetables can add a whole new dimension.  A little bit of olive oil, the sweetness of caramelization, and the smokey flavor all combine to bring intense flavor and fragrance.  For a whole list of creative veggie dishes for the grill, check out this blog.

Don’t have a grill?  Here are some options: 1) Ask your friends.  Most grill owners don’t use them as often as they would like to and would love an excuse to fire up their grill.  2) Go to a local park.  Some parks have grills and picnic tables for the public to use.  Just make sure to bring a grill brush to clean it before and after use.  3) Buy a mini-grill!  While this is not an investment piece, it will work for making some tasty summer meals.

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