Time Management: Plan Time to Have a Dance Break…seriously

On Monday, I traveled to my primary office in Baltimore (Volunteer Maryland’s headquarters) to attend our scheduled Support Team meeting.   You may recall that I also have a Host Site on the Eastern Shore so I do not have to make the two hour commute to Baltimore on a daily basis.  It was my turn to put the agenda together and for the opener I chose one of Volunteer Maryland’s traditions, a dance break.  You read correctly, a dance break!

For as long as I have known about Volunteer Maryland, taking five minutes to dance in the middle of the day has been event the Support Team has looked forward to.  Since Barb and I are not in the office on Fridays, the normal day for a dance break, we have not participated in many this service year.  This Monday I chose a Just Dance Wii game routine to Shakira’s World Cup song, “Waka Waka.”  We probably looked ridiculous to those passing by our hallway, but it was fun and that’s what really mattered.

A few months ago I wrote about the importance of planning time to plan and now I am encouraging you to plan time to dance (or for another office tradition).  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  It is my firm belief that a company or department of any size should have office traditions because they are essential to having a healthy work environment.  Who wants to have the office blues all the time?  Office traditions boost morale amongst staff members, strengthen camraderie, and can decrease the amount times a person is feeling like the woman below.

What kind of traditions does your office have?  If you don’t have a tradition, maybe you can create one.  It doesn’t hurt to throw out a new idea that would benefit the entire office.  Share with us!!

3 thoughts on “Time Management: Plan Time to Have a Dance Break…seriously

  1. For those who didn’t recognize me, I’m yellow;)

  2. As someone who has participated in Dance Break Fridays, I’d just like to say there’s no “probably” about looking ridiculous to those that walk by.

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