Continuing 20 Years of Service

As our Finale ceremony sneaks up on me, I am panicking slightly about wrapping everything up in time, but at the same time relishing the excitement of the successful completion of our 25th Class of Volunteer Maryland.  I am gladdened to think this that class will join the proud ranks of alumni of both AmeriCorps and Volunteer Maryland.  And guess what?  Both Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps are celebrating their 20th anniversaries!

This September will mark 20 years since President Clinton signed into law the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, which created the Corporation for National and Community Service and AmeriCorps.  The following year, the first class of AmeriCorps members took their oath at the White House.  Volunteer Maryland celebrated its own 20th anniversary of creation and the first class serving this year.

As our members transistion into alumni, they will be continuing two decades of tradition.  It is powerful to think of how much has been achieved in that time by the numbers of those who have served through AmeriCorps.  Not only is much achieved in the year of service, but it also inspires me to see what alumni go on to accomplish following their service.  I hope to stay in touch with every member of this class so that I can see what they will tackle with their energy, passion, and experience next.

AmeriCorps_20YearsVM 20th logo

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