Kerry Ose – Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.

Kerry Ose has spent a good part of her adult life traveling.  After growing up in Illinois, Kerry lived in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maryland, and England.  During that time, she earned her PhD, started a family, was a freelance writer, and did a lot of volunteering in her numerous communities.  This year, Kerry is the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Baltimore Neighborhoods Incorporated (BNI) in Baltimore, MD.  Kerry will focus recruitment efforts for volunteers to serve as fair housing testers, respond to hotline calls, and provide education and outreach to the community on fair housing law and practices.  “I hope to gain a new skill set and knowledge area and add to my professional network.” Kerry said on her goals for her service term. “Thanks to VM’s training, I have many of the tools I need to develop my skills not just as a volunteer coordinator, but as a manager more generally.  I hope to continue to develop those skills at BNI.”

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